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Potrero Hill District

Searching for your first home is a nerve racking process. But Bates Real Estate Group has some inside info to make the search in San Francisco easy. So that you can find the home you want in less time.

How to get the home you want in San Francisco will take some planning:

1. Financial Options

Get approved for a mortgage loan . Visit your bank to see how much house you can buy. Get approved for a mortgage loan.

You will need at least a twenty percent down payment. This money should be in your account when you apply for the mortgage loan.

You may want to factor in a little extra cash for closing costs as well.

You might make a determination to go with a fixed rate mortgage. Where the interest rate remains the same. Fixed rate mortgage are usually for fifteen or thirty years.

Or you may decide on an adjustable rate mortgage. They offer lower interest rates in the beginning. But adjust to reflect changes in the credit market.

A fixed rate mortgage often seems higher in the beginning. But your mortgage payment will remain the same for the life of the loan.

2. Other costs and fees of home buying

First time home buyers are often unaware that there’s more to paying for a home. Than just the down payment.
Besides the down payment, you will also have closing costs. Appraisal fees, broker fees, and loan application fees .

Other expenses include the cost of the moving. As well as n property taxes, home owners or condo association fees. Which may have yearly increases and other related costs.

Considering making any renovations to the home? If so you should also set money aside for any changes that you are considering.

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3. Know what you want 

San Francisco is chock full of diverse neighborhoods. Some people never use their kitchen and want to be near great restaurants.

Other people love to entertain at home and want a larger space for their friends. And don’t care as much about the number of restaurants in the area.

Much of this is personal preference but can lead to buyer’s remorse. Down the road if you don’t stick to your instincts about your lifestyle. Bates Real Estate Group can help you find available homes in San Francisco. In a variety of neighborhoods and price points. And can help you find the perfect home through a process of elimination.

4. Extensive Research

You can use a  broker, or do your own  research in discovering if a property is right for you.

For instance, you may have heard that foreclosures are good deals.


Foreclosures take longer to close and having higher interest rates.

Condos can also have unexpected costs but by asking for the notes from prior board meetings. Try to find out about future improvements. That may lead to an increased financial burden for you, ahead of time.

You may also want to find out if the neighborhood itself has any major construction plans.
Some projects will be appealing. While others may not be so appealing. It is nice to know before you buy to avoid unwelcome surprises.

If you are a first time home buyer or need to sell your existing home to afford a new one, Bates Real Estate Group can help.


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Potrero Hill Real Estate



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Back in the day young families looking to settle down had to leave the overpriced city. But recently gentrified Potrero Hill has changed that. San Francisco’s Potrero Hill real estate features lofts and condos for city life. Potrero Hill has the unique convenience of the suburbs. This includes offering major grocery chains, many parks and in some cases, easy parking.

Potrero Hill condo and lofts offers panoramic views of San Francisco.



The location of Potrero Hill is south of SOMA and Mission Bay. Potrero Hill boasts some of San Francisco’s sunniest weather. Potrero Hill is a known quiet niche on the east side of the city. Potrero Hill offers city style condos and lofts. The neighborhood also has an array of diverse architecture and Victorian style homes. Movie fans may recognize the views of the city at the top of the hill. This famous crest is the filming location for many of 40 Days and 40 Nights’ best cityscapes. Potrero Hill boasts a picturesque location away from the madness of the city. It remains accessible to major metropolitan areas via public transportation and the surrounding freeways.


Potrero Hill offers both convenience and city style.
Major grocery chains, Safeway and Whole Foods make grocery shopping painless. The area features many dining options. Former warehouses and industrial spaces have transformed into stunning lofts and condos. The blend of city homes and convenient shopping is ideal for many families.

Some lofts keep remnants of their industrial past. There are vast open spaces for live/work arrangements. Some lofts have exposed elements and supersized windows for stunning views. Other lofts have morphed into more traditional living spaces. These have defined rooms and designer finishes. Potrero Hill was one of the earliest adopters of loft living. Thus, Potrero Hill features many different styles of lofts.



The Dogpatch part of the neighborhood is the location for many of Potrero Hill’s condos. The Dogpatch is one of the former industrial districts of the city. Currently it is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Families, including O.J. Simpson’s childhood home, lived on the hill in Potrero Hill. Back then the surrounding areas were industrial. Now the boundaries between commercial and residential have begun to blur. This presents first time homeowners with more opportunities to find a property.

Neighborhood Attractions
City dwellers covet property in Potrero Hill for easy livability. Shopping is on 18th Street, between Connecticut and Texas streets. Elsewhere in Potrero Hill, you can also find great home décor stores to fill your new home. Favorite and unique cafes include Turkish Pera and Goat Hill Pizza. Local coffee shops and fitness studios are also in the area.
Anchor is one of California’s oldest and best known breweries. The establishment has been brewing in the neighborhood since 1896. The brewery offers tours and tastes for both locals and visitors.

The Potrero Hill area is friendly and collaborative. Gardens are in every yard and community parks and recreation centers abound. You will also find the SomArts Cultural Center in Potrero Hill. For families and kids, Potrero also features several playgrounds and parks.

Lombard Street usually draws the attention for being the Crookedness Street in San Francisco. Yet, Potrero Hill is the location of the actual croakiest street. It is Vermont Street, just south of McKinley Park.

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