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To get  most  of your remodel budget will take a bit of planning . If you’re  day-dreaming about your next home improvements, get most of your remodel budget ideas from the experts at can help you balance the impulsive and emotional (I know some of you just gotta have purple counter tops!) with the long-term value-adds (remember buyers probably won’t like your purple counter tops) of remodeling.


Future-Proof Kitchen

If you’re still in the contemplation stage, consider some of 2014’s top kitchen remodeling trends care of

  • Modern design with white or gray cabinetry
  • Simple counter tops
  • Minimalist designs
  • Appliances that blend into the cabinetry
  • Hammered, matte brass hardware

Several of these kitchen “trends” — particularly white, minimalism, and simplicity — are actually not trendy, but enduring.

Flex Rooms   

According to our friends over at Floorplans, flex rooms are very important for a growing family. By adding or converting a bedroom to include a bathroom will make a nice sanctuary for your guests when they’re in no hurry to leave after one of your fabulous dinner parties.

Paint Color

The official color of 2015  is Marsala — a naturally robust wine red. Purple window coverings? Definitely Not. But radiant orchid as a dominant color in your house? Not so much.

Always stick to neutral colors for anything in your home (inside and outside) that’s not as easy to replace as a pillow.

Home Equity Rising

OK, now for the scary part of remodeling, paying for it.

Experts predict home prices should rise in 2014, which means you could have the home equity you need to fund your next renovation. Areas where foreclosures are falling and buyer demand outstrips the number of homes on the market have the best chance of seeing rising prices.

Interest Rates Headed Up

You may have more home equity in 2014 than you did in 2013, but doing a cash-out refinance to pay for your remodel will be harder and more expensive to do in the year ahead due to rigid underwriting rules and rising interest rates. Lenders say loan files are now routinely hundreds of pages long, so lower your expectations about how fast and how easy it is to refinance. Don’t let your frustration with the process wreck your enthusiasm for your remodeling dream.

And Now for that Eye Candy

Whenever you’re remodeling, it’s smart to make sure you don’t over- or under-improve compared with neighbors’ homes. So check out some of the home listings in your Zip code, many of which include interior pictures.

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