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The City By The Bay San Francisco

San Francisco or San Francisco De Assisi was named after St. Francis of Assisi a Franciscan monk.  Named by Spanish colonists who settled here  in 1776 it commonly known as ‘Mission Dolores’ because of a nearby creek known as Arroyo de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, meaning “Our Lady of Sorrows Creek.” .

In 1849 during the first year of the Gold Rush, the population swelled with thousands of adventurers searching for gold bought new activity to the area. Two plank  roads were constructed from what’s known as today’s Downtown to Mission Dolores. The entire area became a resort and entertainment center.

Now nearly 200 years later, San Francisco is experiencing an eerily familiar, yet vastly different type of boom, where tech entrepreneurs have taken the place of gold miners. The average price for a home in the city by the bay San Francisco is $1.5 million but it’s not stopping  investors from snatching up every available property. The rising cost of real estate  seems nothing compared to the potential fortunes to be made by an enterprising few. Every inch of the city by the bay San Francisco is considered a worthwhile investment.  Where else can you find a Mediterranean climate, family recreation, entertainment,  Michelin rated restaurants, shopping centers with the latest fashions, and upscale neighborhoods in a city that’s only 49 miles square.

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