Why Didn’t Your House Sell?


Information is knowledge, knowledge is influence and influence is power.

You are looking for some answers. Why didn’t your house sell. After sitting on market for so long. Why you ask.  Let me explain why it didn’t.

If you price your home too high, buyers will pass it by. They’ll visit homes that are at lower price points. And you need to pick the right agent.

Knowing how to price your home for sale is powerful information. Also helps you get the highest and best price for your home.

You have made the decision to put your property on the market. Now it’s time to start interviewing agents.
You should use an agent that offers value added services.

The easy peasy method for choosing the best agent.
Look for an agent that:

  • Handles transaction from beginning to close of escrow
  • Provides market profile of your neighborhood
  • Help you prepare your home for sale
  • Markets your home
    And now for the best part
    4 Juicy ideas to get your home sold quick:
  •  Consider your price point, be realistic in what you expect to get at closing.
  •  Be careful examining the comparable properties in your neighborhood.
  •  Consider closing costs by using a net sheet, etc.
  •  Schedule a time with your agent in advance. A time to see how your listing is performing compared to the competition. Let me explain.
    You want to see how many visitors come to the open houses. And if there are any offers. Your agent will provide reports on a regular basis. And reviewed to adjust your sales price if needed.

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