Why Some Homes Never Sell

Why is it that some homes sit on the market for a year while others sell like hot cakes?  Frustrated sellers will blame a bad market. But a good real estate professional will tell you that a slow sale is often attributed to the listing price.
Overpriced homes will keep buyers away.
But if the price is competitive with similar homes in the area. And “shows” better than the competition. It will have a better chance of selling quick.  and for more cash.  Let me explain why.
We real estate agents will test a home’s worth through a process known as Comparative Marketing Analysis. Sort of like comparative shopping.
A technique that’s as American as apple pie.
Comparing houses with different styles, square-footage is challenging. But it’s one of the best methods to use when determining a home’s market value.
Taking a look at amenities, such as a swimming pool, bigger than normal living spaces. a fantastic view, adjacent city parks and other attractions. A decision will be made as to value.
The agent will also compare your home with similar properties that have sold in the area within the last six months.
The agent is able to recommend a realistic price range that will ensure you top dollar for your home in the shortest length of time on market.
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